A legacy gift is a charitable vision that serves as a permanent force for good for generations to come.

What is LIFE & LEGACY?

LIFE & LEGACY is a partnership between the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) and Jewish Community of Louisville, with the support of the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, that promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit synagogues, social service organizations and other Jewish agencies in Louisville and across the United States. Through training, support and monetary incentives LIFE & LEGACY motivates Jewish organizations to integrate legacy giving into their philanthropic culture to assure Jewish tomorrows.

Why Create a Jewish Legacy?

You’ve no doubt enjoyed the warmth, closeness, traditions, and support of a vibrant Jewish community throughout your life. Creating your own Jewish legacy ensures that your passions and the Jewish values you cherish will continue beyond your lifetime. Through LIFE & LEGACY, you can easily create a meaningful gift for the Federation, the Trager Family Jewish Community Center or the synagogues and agencies you cherish without writing a check or providing a credit card number today. This is a gift you create for the future through your will, retirement account, life insurance policy, or other means. Your legacy gift will also serve as an example to your loved ones that you believe it’s important to support the Louisville Jewish community.

Leaving a legacy gift to the JCL, the Federation or the Trager Family JCC will ensure that the central hub of Louisville’s Jewish Community is well funded to support a thriving Jewish Louisville. From birth to seniors, our Federation and the Trager Family JCC provide the programs and services necessary for a vibrant Jewish community, all while also supporting our partner agencies through our annual campaign.

A Community-Wide Partnership

LIFE & LEGACY is not just for the JCL. It is a collaborative effort to grow Jewish Louisville community endowments so all synagogues and Jewish agencies can strengthen, sustain and grow their programs and services.

The Jewish Community of Louisville currently partners with 9 local synagogues and Jewish agencies to raise awareness about the importance of endowments for a stable financial future. The JCL works with these partners to develop their legacy planning skills and help them create an overall strategy for securing legacy gifts and stewarding their donors.

The JCL’s partner organizations are:

Will you consider supporting Jewish Louisville?


“There was no decision. Of course, I am leaving a legacy gift to the JCC. The Louisville Jewish Community has helped me survive and thrive. The first time I witnessed a charitable act was at the JCC. My aunt, who worked at the JCC for 65 years, helped a man who showed up needing food and some fresh clothes. That clicked and I realized people can make a difference; I then understood why I always put coins in my blue tzedakah box and never went to Sunday School at AJ without some change to donate. There is no way that I could pass up giving tzedakah through a legacy gift for future generations in Jewish Louisville.”

-Jay Bittner



Contact Frances Skolnick today at or call 502-238-2780 for more information on how you can leave a legacy.

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The Jewish Community of Louisville wishes to thank the generous community members* who have made a gift to our endowment fund or who have vowed to support our organization in their wills, trusts, retirement accounts or life insurance policies.


List of Our Donors

Anonymous (10)
Ronald and Marie Abrams
Jerry E. and Madeline Abramson
Shellie Benovitz
Lisa Sobel Berlow and Benji Berlow
Leigh and Russ Bird
Jaye and Bob Bittner
Marsha and Eddie Bornstein
Christopher and Sarah Brice
Keiley and Sharon Caster
Ross and Shannon Cohen
Paula and Michael Cohn
Dr. Richard Edelson and Donna Smith
Alan and Linda Engel
Kim Grene and Jon L. Fleischaker
Stacy Gordon-Funk and Don Funk
Bruce S. Gale
Sheldon and Nancy Gilman
Dr. Karen Abrams and Dr. Jeffrey Glazer
Matt and Lisa Goldberg
Jane Goldstein
Richard and Ellen Goldwin
Scott and Kristal Goodman
Douglas and Karen Gordon
Frankye and Harold Gordon
Max Green
Ruth and Ron Greenberg
Sandra B. Hammond
Stuart and Marilynne Harris z”l
Sidney and Barbara Isaacs Hymson
Jay “Buddy” and Sherry L. Kaufman
Lisa and Robert Klein
Jay and Karen Klempner
Julie Kling
Margie and Bob Kohn
The Kronenberg Family
Jennifer Leibson
David and Phyllis Leibson
Glenn and Marci Levine
Wilma C. Probst Levy
Louis Levy z”l
Marianne Morguelan z”l
Michael and Mindy R. Needleman
The Nibur Family
Arnold J. Levin and Don. A. Powell
Lenae and Jordan Price
Betsy and Mark Prussian
Cantor David A. Lipp and Rabbi Laura Metzger
Rhonda Reskin
Marcy and Elliott Rosengarten
Bruce and Marcia Roth
Ronald M. Rubin
Susan Rudy
Sherrill Russman
Edwin Cohen and Dafna Schurr
Matt and Cindy Schwartz
Phyllis and Michael Shaikun
Rebecca Ruby Swansburg
Leni Z. Sweet
Stephan and Helen Sweitzer
Jeffrey and Jennifer Tuvlin
Benjamin Vaughan
Howard and Sara Wagner
Leon and Helen Wahba
David and Shiela Steinman Wallace
Scott and Hunter Weinberg
Frank and Barbara Weisberg
James and Rodman Wimsatt z”l
Carol and Jacob Wishnia
Lior Yaron