What You Can’t Give

The Jewish Foundation of Louisville – Ready to Help You Meet Your Philanthropic Goals

You have worked hard throughout your life to achieve the success you enjoy. Now as you consider your philanthropic goals, the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Jewish Foundation of Louisville is ready to be your partner in designing a plan that enables you to support the programs and organizations of your choice in perpetuity.

The Jewish Foundation of Louisville will be happy to sit down with you to help you design an endowment program that that matches your goals and aims, and enables you to choose the method best suited to your personal situation to fund your endowment and/or to benefit the community.

You have many options. You can give money the Jewish Foundation of Louisville. You can give stock and real estate. You can give personal property like artwork, antiques, coins and cars. You can give promissory notes and royalty rights. You can give life insurance and pension funds. There are a multitude of vehicles and opportunities available to you, from bequests in your will to gifts that generate income for life.

Not all gifts are monetary. You can give your time. You can donate your special expertise and your leadership skills. You can volunteer to help with various events. You can give a hundred different ways. But there’s one thing you cannot give the Jewish Foundation: a gift that will jeopardize your financial security. We won’t let you. At least, we will try our best to prevent it.

That’s because the Jewish Foundation values you and your ongoing partnership with us. We want your giving to be right for you in every way. Making a major gift to the Jewish Foundation requires great care. The gift plan needs to fit you like a glove. It should make sense and contribute to your satisfaction and enjoyment. It should be one of the high points of your life.

Have you considered creating an endowment fund? Would you like to know how to give a life insurance policy you no longer need? Do you want to explore a possible gift of closely held stock, a vacation home you no longer use, or a piece of undeveloped land? The Jewish Foundation of Louisville can address all of these things, and more.

For more information contact Gayle Shoemaker, 502-238-2770 or gshoemaker@jewishlouisville.org.

One more thing: Gayle will not try to take the place of your own legal, tax or financial advisers. Instead, we will urge you to obtain independent counsel to make sure that any major gift you make to the Foundation is appropriate in light of your overall estate plan. Contact the Foundation today and ask about the planned gifts others have made and what opportunities exist for you.