Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes are offered to members ages 14 and older only, FREE, as part of your JCC membership. The descriptions of the classes are listed below.

Members must sign-up to attend. Members can sign-up 2 days prior to class and up to 1 hour before class starts.  For additional information, please click here or call the Health & Wellness desk at 502-238-2727.

Some facilities and areas of the JCC may have reduced or limited services due to the coronavirus pandemic.



Active Adult Fitness (BASIC) – Low impact movement with standing and floor exercises. Stay fit with low-impact aerobics, strength and conditioning utilizing a variety of equipment, followed by a gentle stretch. Perfect for new exercisers or those who want to keep moving with low impact options. Better

Body Boxing (ALL LEVELS): Designed for participants that want to get a unique workout. The class includes low impact boxing drills, metabolic conditioning drills and strength and core work, all in one class.

Les Mills BODYPUMP™ (ALL LEVELS): The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. Using high intensity with high repetition and low weights, this class builds lean muscle mass and burns calories while set to fast-paced music.

Boot Camp (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED): Ready to try something new? This is one powerful class! Get in shape with traditional and non-traditional military-style exercises.

Cardio Challenge (ALL LEVELS): This cardio class has something for everyone. Get your daily dose of cardio through high/low aerobics, step, interval training and a splash of weight training to top it all off.

Chair Exercise (BASIC – Chair based exercises): This class combines stretching and strengthening exercises to help muscles and joints stay strong and flexible.

Club 60 (ALL LEVELS): This is a low impact water class designed for senior adults. Aqua chi as well as aqua yoga are incorporated into the class while concentrating on stretching, balance and breathing. This is a great class for seniors who need arthritis exercises and enjoy being in the water.

Deep Water/Deep Intervals (ALL LEVELS): Workout includes strength, endurance, range of motion and cardio exercises and stretching at the end of class. May also incorporate the use of floatation devices. A great workout for people who have joint problems.

Fit & Firm (BASIC): This class will help develop strong muscles and increase your cardio endurance while integrating flexibility to create a complete exercise program for your entire body.

Friday Flex (BASIC): Various low impact movements that help maintain muscular strength and challenge cardio capacities while increasing flexibility and balance. If you want to enjoy sharpening the mind through a variety of physical activities, this is a perfect class is for you!

HIIT (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED): This HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout uses intervals of work and rests to increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. Through intense or modified movement, new or seasoned exercisers can work at their own level and enjoy a uniquely challenging and calorie-burning workout.

J-Barre (ALL LEVELS): Is a high-energy group exercise class that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance, and Yoga combined with fluid athletic intervals. J-Barre is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular endurance element.

Light Weights (BASIC – Chair-based exercises): For beginners and active seniors, this class incorporates weight-bearing and muscle resistance exercises at a slow pace isolating each muscle group with proper breathing and stretching techniques.

Muscle Blast (ALL LEVELS): Get that toned and fit body you desire through strength and resistance training utilizing various weight training, floor exercises and band workouts.

Muscle Blast Plus (ALL LEVELS): Your traditional Muscle Blast class with bursts of cardio throughout the class.

Nia (ALL LEVELS): Combining dance, martial arts, and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic fitness practice that combines 52 simple moves to address each aspect of your life — body, mind, and spirit.

POUND®: Channel your inner rockstar with this full-body cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, torch calories and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!

P.Y.S.B. (Pilates, Yoga, Strength and Barre) (ALL LEVELS): Increase your flexibility, strengthen and tone your muscles, enhance posture and body alignment and relieve your day to day stress. Step Aerobics (ALL LEVELS): Tone up your legs and booty by moving up, over and around the step. Developed as a way to get a moderate to high-intensity workout, this class will improve your coordination by learning choreographed routines that make the hour fly by!

SWITCH! (ALL LEVELS): “SWITCH!” This is a word that you will hear a lot in this station-based class for all levels. Stations are set up for both cardiovascular improvement and strength training. Participants can enter the class and participate in as many stations as desired. Whether you are looking for a 30-minute workout or a 1-hour workout, this group training class is right for you! The trainer is there to motivate you and show you how to do the exercises based on your fitness level for a tailor-made workout. Modifications are available.

Tai Chi (ALL LEVELS): Through gentle movements and directed breath practitioners build inner strength, flexibility, and enhanced balance and coordination. Tai chi is appropriate for all body types and fitness levels.

TRX Flex (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED): Suspension bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility using the TRX suspension trainer. This is truly a fast and effective total body workout paired with a variety of other exercises.

Water Blast (ALL LEVELS): High energy shallow water aqua fitness to blast the calories and crank up the metabolism.


Cycle Fundamentals (ALL LEVELS): This class will take you through the fundamentals of cycling on an all-terrain ride of hills, sprints and intervals. Instructors will cue you through body positioning, cadence and resistance. Step up your cardio workout with a ride that will challenge all levels.

Cycle Intervals (ALL LEVELS): This high-energy class will take participants through a series of intervals and active recoveries.

Cycle Power (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED) High-Intensity cycle with high energy instruction.  This class will leave you sweating and burning an incredible amount of calories in an hour!

Happy Hour Cycle (ALL LEVELS) Work hard and have fun in this “anything goes” cycle class.  Each Friday will be unique and different so start your weekend right by burning calories and releasing the tension of a long week!



Beginning Yoga (BEGINNER): The focus will be on breaking down postures and introducing variations and modifications that can be used in any traditional yoga class.

Family Yoga (ALL LEVELS): Bring the whole family to this yoga class that will break down postures and introduces variations and modifications that can be used in any traditional yoga class.

Hatha Yoga (ALL LEVELS): In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body with an emphasis on simplicity, repetition and ease of movement. Full-body relaxation and balance are the goals.

Power Yoga (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED): This class combines the postures of yoga but with a kick!  Improve your strength, flexibility and endurance with fun and challenging poses, core work and breathing.

Yoga Flow (ALL LEVELS): A Vinyasa inspired practice to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. Perfect for all levels, from beginner to yogi, this class will keep you moving from Sun Salutations to Savasana.

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