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Federation Annual Campaign

Campaign for Jewish Needs 2018

  • "When you are sitting with 200 Jewish women you look around and you realize we all just want the same thing – to raise our children, give them Jewish values, give to our community..."
    Karen Bass
  • "I have never in my life felt so connected to my values, to my ancestors, to myself, to a place and mostly to God. I am so appreciative of the Federation for giving me and all these other women the opportunity to go to Israel."
    Lisa Barnes

Campaign for Jewish Needs

The Campaign for Jewish Needs is the annual fundraising Campaign that ensures our community’s vitality and vibrancy in the year ahead. Whether we are feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, caring for the elderly, educating our youth, ensuring a Jewish future, or supporting Israel, our Jewish community stands together. And, together, we can make the world a better place.

SHARE Our Perspectives

We monitor and confront anti-Semitism in whatever form it takes. We provide the education and tools needed to stand up and speak out on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. We deepen personal connections to Israel through partnerships and programs that celebrate our Jewish homeland.

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PREPARE for the Future

We ensure the long-term health and vibrancy of our diverse Jewish community. We develop the next generation of Jewish leaders through mentoring, teaching, and hands-on experiences, ensuring a vibrant Jewish future for our children and grandchildren. We support meaningful Jewish educational opportunities for all ages.

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REPAIR Our World

We invest in and advocate for programs and services that address systemic issues and provide a strong safety net during times of personal crises. Through our collaborative and warm relationships with various groups in Louisville, we unite to care for our community.

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CARE for One Another

We feed the hungry, comfort the sick, aid the elderly and support those in need – in Louisville and around the world. We advocate for the vulnerable and, with Jewish values as our guide, support the less fortunate in our own community.

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Campaign Leadership


  • Ariel & Faina Kronenberg Campaign Co-Chairs
  • Robin Miller Women's Philanthropy Division Chair
  • Susan Rudy Pomegranate Chair
  • Shannon Benovitz YAD Chair


  • Jerry Abramson, 2018 Campaign Chair
  • Madeline Abramson, 2018 Campaign Chair
  • Shannon Benovitz
  • Jon Fleischaker
  • Jane Goldstein
  • Ralph Green
  • Dennis Hummel
  • Jennifer Jacobson
  • Kate Latts
  • David Leibson
  • Stephen Linker
  • Joanie Lustig
  • Robin Miller
  • Susan Rudy
  • Jon Salomon
  • Maury Tasman
  • Ben Vaughan
  • Leon Wahba

Federation Staff

  • Sara Klein Wagner President & CEO
  • Stacy Gordon Funk Senior VP of Philanthropy
  • Julie Hollander Director of Women’s Philanthropy and Outreach
  • Matt Goldberg Development Director
  • Kristy Benefield Development Associate
  • Mary Leezer Administrative Coordinator
  • Sarah Baron Leadership and Engagement Manager