Israel Photo Exhibition

Israel Through Our Eyes is a curated exhibition of photographs of Israel that is open to submissions from anyone in the Louisville community 16 years or older. The exhibit is designed to foster an appreciation of Israel and reflect on the connections we make when we visit the Jewish homeland. 

Community members are invited to share up to 5 of their favorite photos of Israel, including up to 3 sentences of a description, title and location, or story of why it is special or meaningful to them for a chance to win a PRIZE!

  • Participants must be 16 or older.
  • Participants may submit up to five (5) photos. (There are no fees for submissions.)
  • All photos must be submitted digitally.
  • All files should be renamed to include the participant’s name and submission number. (i.e. dcohen_photo_1)
  • All images submitted must meet the minimum pixel requirements of 2400 x 3000 pixels. (Learn how to find out the pixel dimensions of your digital photo below.)
  • All images should be cropped before submission if possible. A 4:3 ratio is best as photos will be professionally printed at 8×10 in. if selected for the exhibition. If photos are not cropped before submission, they will be cropped before printing at the discretion of the Israel Photo Exhibit Committee. 
  • Each photo selected for the exhibition will be printed in an 8 X10 format by the Trager Family JCC. (No fee incurred by participants.)
  • Photos may be cropped to fit the 4:3 ratio for printing.
  • Digital files of accepted work become the property of the Trager Family JCC.
  • The Trager family JCC retains the rights to reproduce and distribute the images to print and electronic media.
  • The Trager Family JCC reserves the right to photograph accepted works for publicity, documentation, and educational purposes.
  • If selected, your name and description will be published with the photo(s).

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, May 29 at noon.

If your photo has been selected to be part of the exhibit, you will be notified by email on Wednesday, June 19.

The Israel Photo Exhibition will open at the Trager Family JCC on June 26 and remain open for viewing until August 6.

1st  place prize: $150
2nd place prize: $100
3rd place prize: $50

For Windows PC users

  • Locate your file
  • Right-click on the file
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click on the “Details” tab
  • Scroll down to the Image section
  • Look for Dimensions
  • These are your pixel dimensions.

For MacOS users

  • Locate your file
  • Click on it – once – don’t double-click
  • On your keyboard, – Hold [ Command ⌘ ] and press the letter ” I “
  • This opens the info window for your file
  • Look for the section that says, “More Info”
  • Within More Info, you will find “Dimensions”
  • These are your pixel dimensions.

For reference, a 7.2 megapixel camera is required to take a picture with 2400 x 3000 pixel dimensions. The iPhone 10’s front facing camera was 7 megapixels and was released in November 2017. Any phone newer than 2017 should have produced an image with the required pixel dimensions. 

Questions? Contact Dara Cohen via email or at 502-238-2749.