Jewish Overnight Camp Testimonials

I really appreciate this scholarship because otherwise I would not have been able to have the amazing opportunity to make unforgettable memories at my sleep-away camp. This was the highlight of my summer and without you it would not have been possible. I learned that we are all different and unique and that is exactly what brings us closer together, but the one thing we all share is that we are Jewish. I met more people and keep in touch with them. Hopefully i will meet more people in the years to come and be able to brighten someone’s day or change someone’s life in a good way.

-Violeta Higuera, age 13


The experience I had [at overnight camp] will help me throughout my life and makes me happy to be a part of our Jewish community.

– Kehos Litvan, age 12


I loved GUCI! Thank you so much. I hope I can go back next year.

-Cooper Schneider, age 9