The Louisville Counselor Fellowship Program

Louisville is offering a fellowship program for counselors who work at Jewish overnight camp!*

The Louisville Counselor Fellowship is designed to encourage Jewish young adults, age 18-25, to work at Jewish overnight camps. These young adults will be role models for younger generations and will offer support and guidance to these children. The program will encourage young adults to continue their journey in the Jewish community and encourage them to stay connected to Jewish organizations in the future.

Overnight camp staff will have the opportunity to earn a stipend of up to $ 2,000 in addition to their camp pay. First-year fellows can earn up to $1,000, and returning fellows can earn up to $2,000.

For more information, contact Alison Roemer,, or call 502-238-2730

*Camp must participate in One Happy Camper program

Camp Fellows will apply for incentives through the JCL by May 1, 2024, or until funds are no longer available. Late applications will be considered if funds are still available.

Camp Fellows must work at least 8 weeks at a Jewish non-profit (One Happy Camper approved) summer overnight camp in order to qualify for the full incentive. Prorated amounts can be arranged for partial programs.

Camp Fellows will send an email/letter at the end of the summer to the JCL to let them know about their experience. The contents of the letter will not affect the award.

Camp Fellows will participate in 2 engagement components prior to leaving for camp. These engagement components will be free of charge, and can be accessed through zoom, or other video conferencing, or may be in person.

If available, counselors will be a resource to families looking at individual camps when camps come to recruit.

Camp Fellows will receive incentives after the camp season ends. Camp Fellows must leave camp on good terms. If Camp Fellow is terminated for any reason during the summer, no incentive will be awarded.

Camps will pay camp fellows the same rate as other counselors/staff members in similar positions.

Camps will provide feedback about camp fellows.