Hawaii Wildfires

Jewish Federations of North America has issued the following statement regarding the wildfires that have ravaged the Hawaiian island of Maui:

As you have likely seen on the news, wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui have devastated communities on that island. The fires have caused at least 55 deaths, have wiped out the historic city of Lahaina, and destroyed people’s homes. Not only does Maui’s community need our help, but many people are fleeing to Honolulu where Jewish communal organizations will receive many requests for support.

We are in touch with local communities. The Jewish community in Hawaii isled by several synagogues, Chabad, and Jewish Community Services of Hawaii. The Jewish Congregation of Maui has a report about events on the ground and its community’s immediate needs.

While the full level of need is yet to be determined, we understand that national support will be important. When there is a need for collective action, Jewish Federations are there.

In order to help respond, we have opened a dedicated national mailbox through our Emergency Committee — a volunteer body that allocates emergency funds collected to address disaster relief– to ensure that additional contributions flow to the affected communities.

We in Louisville stand with all those – Jews and non-Jews alike – who have been impacted by these terrible events. May they find solace in God’s compassion, and the necessary resources, in whatever form, to help them recover.