Earthquake in Morocco

We want to share this information from our National partners at the JFNA. The death toll is staggering and a number of Jewish Federations have teams on the ground to help. Other groups from around the world are offering to assist the North African Country to deal with this catastrophe. We can do our part.

Our hearts are with the people of Morocco as the 6.8-magnitude earthquake continues to threaten lives across the country. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power as they desperately await food, water, and critical aid. Thousands of lives have already been taken. Homes have become unrecognizable. Communities across Morocco need our help. 

In times of unthinkable tragedy, the ability to act quickly and effectively makes all the difference. Thanks to our Federation system, our partners are on the ground, quickly assessing the needs and supporting people in their darkest hours. 

From food and critical supply distribution to urgent medical resources, your support will help us to reach and provide life-saving assistance to thousands of earthquake survivors from the Jewish community and beyond in the critical weeks ahead.

Click here to learn more about the devastating earthquake.

Will you be there to support the Moroccan earthquake emergency relief efforts?