Nutrition and Health Coaching with Kaitlyn Brown

Reach your health goals with our 1:1 coaching program!

Body Transformations • Improving Gut Health • Optimizing Performance • Repairing Metabolism • Improving Lipid Panels • Decreasing Chronic Inflammation • Restoring Hormonal Balance • Stress Reduction Techniques • Optimizing Thyroid Output • Toxin Removal • Reducing Insulin Resistance • Exercise Recommendations • Supplement Protocols  Restoring Balance in the Body • Nutrition Programming • Fat loss • Muscle Building

 Your custom program includes:

  • Nutrition plan based upon your goals (fat loss, lean muscle gains, health goals, etc.)
  • Weekly check-ins and program adjustments
  • 24/7 email support
  • Supplement recommendations

We have a unique team of coaches who specialize in different client populations. Our team is led by Kaitlyn Brown PT, DPT, IHP, co-owner of Mind Body Physio, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an Integrative Health Practitioner and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

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Kaitlyn Brown, co-owner of Mind Body Physio, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Integrative Health Practitioner (Level I and II Certified), and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certified through the American Council of Exercise. Kaitlyn restores balance in the body by addressing hormones, gut health, metabolic resistance, insulin resistance, inflammation, stress response, and other underlying conditions that keep individuals from reaching optimal health.  Kaitlyn helps her clients to achieve their health and fitness goals through diet and exercise protocols, stress reduction techniques, supplementation, and toxin removal strategies. She is able to utilize her background in anatomy/physiology, functional medicine/nutrition, and her background in the athletic/fitness community to bring a unique integrative approach to her clients. 

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