Lobby improvements add extra layer of security

Beginning Monday, May 1, construction will begin on a more secure entrance in the lobby of The J. New scan-activated gates will be installed to keep members and guests safer inside the building. Therefore, it is imperative that all members bring their scan cards with them to The J.

Once construction is completed, members will need to to scan their membership cards to open the gates. Guests will still be able to check in at the front desk to enter the building. If you have misplaced your card, please stop by the membership desk for a new one. A motion-activated gate will open as everyone leaves the building.

“The new gates are The J’s latest efforts to create a more secure facility while allowing little to no disruption in service to our members,” said The J Program and Operations Director Tom Wissinger. “Entering the building should not take any longer than before once you scan your membership card.”

Installation of the new gates is expected to take a week, starting Monday, May 1. During this time, members and guests can continue to use the main entrance, but they will be directed to check in at the Patio Gallery and then continue entering the building through the library. The rest of the building will not be impacted by construction.

Thank you for your patience as The J works to create a more safe and secure building. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Department at 502-238-2721.


  1. Thank you for creating & maintaining a safe space for the members. As a member for 10+ years, I consider JCC a “community center” where I feel welcome & at home.

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