Aquatics Group Fitness classes are offered to members only, FREE, as part of their Trager Family JCC membership. The descriptions of classes are listed below. For more information please call the Health and Wellness desk at 502-238-2727.

Description of Classes

Aqua Barre: This class takes traditional ballet movements and adapts them for use in the water. There will be a focus on strengthening arms, legs and core through the use of equipment and with the built-in resistance from the water.

Aqua Bootcamp: This is not your grandma’s workout. Combine wall exercises, buoyancy equipment, lap swimming and high intensity aqua fitness moves to challenge the heart. Get ready for a challenging calorie burning water workout.

Club 60: This class utilizes movements with standing and floor exercises. Stay fit with low impact aerobics, strength and conditioning utilizing a variety of equipment, followed by a gentle stretch section. Perfect for those who want to keep moving with low impact options.

Deep Intervals: Through the use of a flotation belt, this workout uses intervals of work and rest to increase cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. This class focuses on burning calories and improving your fitness level using timed intervals. It is a challenging workout for both new and seasoned exercisers.

Deep Water: Through the use of a flotation belt, this workout includes strength, endurance, range of motion, cardio exercises, and stretching at the end of class. The instructor may also incorporate the use of floatation devices for added strength training. A great workout for people who have joint problems.

Water Blast: This is a high-energy shallow water aqua fitness class designed to blast the calories and crank up the metabolism. Through the use of cardio and strength movements, you can achieve these movements without the strain land classes may cause on your body.

Water Walkers (45 minutes): This class utilizes gentle walking and marching movements to increase mobility, while gaining the added benefits of the water.