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Vaad Hakashrut

Keeping Kentucky Kosher
Post Office Box 5362
Louisville, KY 40205

The Louisville Vaad Hakashrut is dedicated to “Keeping Kentucky Kosher” and is charged with both supervising and promoting Kashrut observance. Kosher supervision includes the ritual cleaning of all utensils, pots, ovens, etc. In order to both supervise and promote the observance of Kosher dietary laws, the Vaad maintains a rate of just $21 per hour for kosher supervision.

The Vaad supervises and certifies the following venues as Kosher: the kosher kitchen at Jewish Hospital and the kosher kitchen at the Jewish Community Center.

In addition, the Vaad is able to provide kosher supervision in almost any catering establishment. In the last year, the Vaad has supervised kosher meals at  the Jewish Hospital Conference Center.


The Louisville Vaad Hakashrut is also charged with the responsibility of maintaining the Louisville Mikvah, which is housed on the Anshei Sfard campus. The Mikvah has recently been totally updated and renovated. In addition to its usual ritual uses, the Mikvah is also commonly used by brides as well as in adoption and conversion ceremonies.

To make an appointment to visit the Mikvah, please call the Anshei Sfard Synagogue office at 502-451-3122 or the Mikvah attendant at 502-494-3774.

Jack Czerkiewicz, President

Other Kosher Certification Organizations


Rabbis Avrohom and Chaim Litvin

Orthodox Union

Rabbi Yosef Levy, Rabbinic Field Representative
OU Kosher Supervision
2515 Twigwood Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45237
(502) 724-9278; (513) 531-1322

JFCS Food Pantry and Emergency Services

2821 Klempner Way
Louisville, KY 40205

JFCS maintains a food pantry for those who need it – not limited to kosher food. The Food Pantry is funded in part by the Sonny & Janet Meyer Family Food Pantry Fund.

Chevra Kadisha


The Chevra Kadisha, or Jewish burial society, is composed of men and women who perform the mitzvah of ritual purification (preparation and dressing) of the body of the deceased for burial in a ceremony known as Taharah. These rites have their roots in Biblical times and are performed by individuals who volunteer to become members of the society. Louisville’s Chevra Kadisha is made up of 16-20 individuals representing all local synagogues and temples. The group ranges in age from 40 to 80. If you are interested in learning more about the Chevra Kadisha, please contact Herman Meyer & Son Funeral Directors, 502-458-9569.

Kosher foods in Louisville

as certified by the Louisville Vaad HaKashruth:

Hyatt Regency Louisville
(Kosher catering only)
311 South 4th Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Kosher catering available in the hotel and other locations.

Jewish Community Center Kitchen
3600 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, KY  40205
502-459-0660 ext. 122

Jewish Community Center Outdoor Café 

Opens:  Memorial Day; Closes: Labor Day

Jewish Hospital 
(Kosher Kitchen only)
200 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY  40202

The Arctic Scoop
841 S. Hurstbourne Lane
Louisville, KY  40222

For more information about Kosher products –  from individuals wanting to purchase kosher goods or manufacturers wanting to produce them – contact the Louisville Vaad Hakashruth.