B’nai Tzedek Lets Teens Become Philanthropists

We learn from an early age that giving tzedakah is something that Jews do. We are taught by our parents and at religious school. But hearing about it and doing it are two different things.

When children reach bar/bat mitzvah age, they become responsible for doing their own mitzvot. Through the Jewish Foundation of Louisville’s B’nai Tzedek program, these middle schoolers can get hands-on experience being philanthropists.

The concept is simple. Many children receive a lot of money as gifts when they celebrate their b’nai mitzvah. If they take $300 of that money and donate it through the B’nai Tzedek program, a philanthropic fund is established in their names. There original $300 is matched with a $200 grant from the Lewis D. Cole B’nai Tzedek Fund.

These endowments increase in value through additional donations as well as investment income. Each year participants have the opportunity to make donations from the available income generated by their funds to charities of their choice in the area.

All B’nai Tzedek participants, and those who are interested in learning more about the program are invited to a program on Wednesday, February 29, from 6:30-8 p.m. in the teen lounge at the JCC, during which participants will do some research about charities they might consider making donations to from their funds.

To RSVP for this program, for more information about the B’nai Tzedek program or if you are interested in creating an endowment for your child or grandchild or adding to an existing fund, please contact David Siskin at 238-2701 or dsiskin@jewishlouisville.org. Additional information is available by on www.jewishlousiville.org/bnai-tzedek.com.

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