YAD Mixes Purim Fun, Murder Mystery and Campaign

YAD Purim Murder Mystery-11On Saturday evening, March 19, members of the Young Adult Division gathered at the Standard Club for a night of murder mystery, costumes, dancing and more. Members of Kiss and the Matrix analyzed the clues, Mermaid Man and Superman danced the night away and Moses and Pharaoh schmoozed at the bar.

Guests soon discovered that they were in the middle of a rivalry between hamentaschen companies competing for money, diamonds and love. Throughout the night, guests were given clues by the Death by Chocolate Hamentaschen cast and it all culminated in a final shootout between the characters.

While the mystery and costumes were fun for all, the night took on new meaning when Casey Tuma shared her journey of a Birthright Israel gift that led her to create her own Arts and Entertainment Israel trip where she met the love of her life. “Being Jewish and being supported by other Jews has brought me to Louisville where I have truly found a new sense of community and have been welcomed with open arms,” she said.

YAD Purim Murder Mystery-36 (1)Tuma then asked the guests to think about how they could donate their time, talent and treasure back to the community. With the newly established YAD Ambassador initiative, young leaders in the community like Tuma are reimagining what Jewish life can be here in Louisville. They need the support of other young adults to make it happen.

The 80 plus in attendance stepped up to give back. Anonymous donors pitched in to match any first time pledge made that night. Young couples signed up to open their homes for events and newcomers to Louisville. Professionals offered their services and many signed up for a new mentorship program beginning in the coming months. The evening was not only entertaining, but the start of a new chapter for young adults to lead the way for our community.

Sasha Chack and Devon Oser were the event cochairs. Keren Benabou and Laurence Nibur are the YAD co-chairs.

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