Litvin Creates Passover Guide

Everyone is familiar with the annual daunting task of preparing for Passover. Recently, Duby Litvin, a proud Louisvillian, created an all-encompassing Passover planning guide, filled with every possible organizational list and chart anyone might need to help them get organized and prepared for the holiday.

Having always had a knack and/or obsession for making “To Do Lists,” she created a series of lists for each and every aspect of the holiday. After using it for her own Passover preparations, she was inspired to help others in her community as well. In 2014, Litvin put together a small booklet and emailed it to a few neighbors and family members, hoping they would get some good use out of it.

Within the week her file had gone viral, viewed by over 35,000 women across the globe. From England, Israel, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Canada and all across the United States, emails poured in, even months after Passover had ended. Women expressed appreciation that Litvin understood small town Jewish living, and that holidays need advance planning and organization.

Encouraged, humbled and excited by the incredible response and positive feedback, she upgraded and enhanced all of her lists this past winter to make them more user-friendly.

Litvin’s 2015 e-book now includes a Grand Shopping List, Cleaning Checklists, Menu Templates, Last Minute Reminders, and much more, all formatted in an organized and professional manner, with humorous jokes and cartoons interspersed to keep things fun and lighthearted.

No matter what your level of observance, this holiday planning guide can help a first timer, or a seasoned Passover maker feel organized and calm during the hectic holiday season.

The printable e-book is available for purchase on her website

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