UofL Art Department Chair Ying Kit Chan to Show Work at the JCC Patio Gallery

Chan1The Jewish Community Center’s Patio Gallery presents, “10,000 Thoughts” by Ying Kit Chan August 30-October 7. Chan is a professor and Chair of the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Louisville and uses ecology and philosophy in his works. There will be an opening reception August 30, 2-4 p.m.

His show consists of small sketches and photographic prints embedded with philosophical contemplations of the current state of global environmental conditions. He continues to explore the theme of deep ecology, an ecocentric rather than anthropocentric worldview, which emphasizes interconnectedness and harmony of the universe. “In addition to the deep ecology philosophy, the work interprets Taoist and Buddhist thoughts, as well as Jewish ideas of nature, rain, tree, soil and the Sabbath,” Chan said.

“Ying Kit Chan was selected to exhibit at the Patio Gallery because of the deep thought behind the work, and the grace and sensitivity of his mark making which offers the viewer an unique contemplative opportunity,” said Bette Levy, Patio Gallery director.

In the 1970s, Chan studied art in several colleges in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Baptist College, Hong Kong Polytechnic and Hong Kong Buddhist College. In 1979, Chan continued his study in the United States and received his BFA from the University of Oklahoma (1981) and MFA from the University of Cincinnati (1983). Since 2003, he has been attending the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee (Switzerland) and Paris, and has taken seminars with some of the world’s most visionary thinkers including the late Jacques Derrida and Jean Baudrillard. He has shown his work all over the world.

At U of L, Chan is also an affiliate faculty of the Asian Studies program, the Social Change program and the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research, the Center for Asian Democracy as well as a member of the Humanities PhD Program Steering Committee.

Black HawkMike McCarthy
Also showing in Lobby Rotunda is sculptor Mike McCarthy, who will show his sculptures, “Works in Stone.”

“While my subject matter varies, it is all influenced by artists such as Michelangelo Bernini and Da Vinci,” McCarthy said. “Regardless of if I am working figuratively or doing an abstract work, their command of line and form inspire me to strive to achieve their level of competence.”

“While I do some work in wood and steel, my preferred material is stone. I like the permanence and the weight that stone gives to my work. As so many of the great works were done in stone, it gives me a connection to those great works.”

Crane House 1Mingye Ding
Also showing at the JCC is an exhibition of Chinese calligraphy by Grand Master Mingye Ding in the Lobby Gallery. Ding was born in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China. At the age of 5, he began to study his family’s style of martial art, Liaochen Chaquan. He went on to learn Shaolin and several other styles. About 30 years ago, he began to study Chen style Taiji (T’ai Chi). As part of this, he began his practice of Sufa, or Chinese calligraphy, which echoes the movements of Taiji. Ding is a gold medalist in Chinese and international Martial Arts competitions and has coached many winners as well. He has practiced martial arts for 50 years, sharing his knowledge through teaching every day, while writing three books on Gongfu and Taiji form and applications. He came to Louisville four years ago to share his expertise in Taiji and love of his Chinese culture.

His show at the Patio Gallery is titled “Taiji Sufa.” It will have pieces reflecting the 13 basic principles of Taiji.

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