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The J Patio Gallery, located in the lobby of the Jewish Community Center, is the elegant setting for imaginative exhibits featuring the innovative artwork of locally, nationally and internationally recognized artists.

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Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
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Mother & Daughter
April 15-June 20, 2018

Opening Reception, May 15, 2-4 p.m.

Joyce Garner and Angie Reed Garner

Joyce Garner is a self-taught painter and longtime Louisville-area resident, born in Covington with deeper roots in Laurel County. Her paintings in Mother & Daughter rely on an extended allegory of people coming together around a table.

Helpful figures of speech: get everyone around the table, turn the table, wait on tables, get a seat at the table, set the table, put something on the table (or take it off), no room at the table, under the table.

Angie Reed Garner
is a second-generation self-taught painter and native Kentuckian. The works for Mother & Daughter are moments in some sort of hero’s journey, with plenty of circling and reversal.

[Joyce] I often start a painting with a big circle for the table and draw some chairs ─ empty. Then I get to seat a person. They might be young/old, shy/extrovert, sly/unknowing, male/female, participant or a watcher or a witness, involved or oblivious or dreaming. I don’t want realism in the faces, but I do want expression that is readable. This is tricky and I often back off the drawing to err on the side of cartoon, rather than slide into a specific person’s face. I do this to tell the complications of family through time. Emotional dialogues take place that are interactions not just within a family but with the history of the family, which includes society at large and our natural world.

[Angie Reed] When we were first asked to exhibit together, I rubbed my head and looked down. We both do paintings that are dense, and the narratives and symbolism can be difficult. How would it not just overwhelm people more to put our stuff side by side with the additional complication that we are mother and daughter? But we did it and it worked out fine. Showing this way has come to seem like the true opportunity that it is, to show two points of view that are both strongly related and different.
[Joyce] My intent for my work is that I love to sit in front of a piece in the mornings with a cup of hot tea in my hands, and let my mind go. I want art that gives that gives me a place to go.
[Angie Reed] I usually paint to figure out where I am. How did I get here? How did we get here? So many factors and causes and conditions are present in a single moment or choice. Everything that happens is both completely personal and impersonal.