New Place to Rest Your Feet

JCC_BenchNext time you come to the Jewish Community Center and you need a place to wait for someone or you just want to rest for a few minutes while enjoying the fresh air, you can thank Austin and Ryan Kline for creating a great place to sit.

This summer, the two teens decided it would be a great public service project to build a bench for the JCC.

“We chose this community service project because the JCC gave us the opportunity to teach archery at their summer camp this year,” Austin explained. “We have worked with our dad in his wood shop many times in the past, so a woodworking project was a unique way we knew we could make a contribution to the community.

“Most of our expense was time spent measuring, cutting, joining, sanding and staining. The only thing we had to buy was wood, which was not that expensive,” he continued. “We had the rest of the materials and equipment readily available at our home.”

The project enabled Ryan to earn service hours for Key Club and Austin for National Honor Society.


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