Tuvlin named to JCCA Board

Jeff Tuvlin has been appointed to the Board of the Jewish Community Centers Association, the group that oversees the JCC movement nationally.

Tuvlin is a member of the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Board of Directors. He has been involved with programming at the JCC for a long time. He chaired the JCC’s Program Review Task Force and led its benchmarking efforts, working closely with JCCA’s consultant to Louisville, Dori Denelle.

Last time Denelle was in Louisville, “she saw all the exciting things we’re doing in Louisville,” Tuvlin said. At the same time, “I was starting to move on from programming,” he continued. “Amy Ryan is taking over the benchmarking, so I’m looking for a new opportunity to serve.”

That was enough for Denelle to recommend Tuvlin to JCCA Board Chair Paula Sidman for one of the open spots. Sidman was quick to follow up with a call to Tuvlin, and he accepted.

Tuvlin, who will be serving the remainder of an unexpired term, is excited about the prospect and expects to be elected to a full term at the next biennial. He joins fellow Louisvillian Ed Goldberg on the Board.

According to Tuvlin, Denelle and JCCA President and CEO Allan Finkelstein believe that “a lot of what we do in Louisville is setting trends for what is happening around the country with respect to the merger and they’re excited about having someone young coming onto the Board.”

“It’s a nice fit,” he continued, “what I can bring to national and what I can bring back to Louisville.” The appointment also fits Tuvlin’s vision of what the Louisville Jewish community should be doing. “Our hopes,” he said, “should be that future leaders will not only help locally, but will go on to serve on national boards. We’re putting people through a leadership process. We can be a model for the country with what we’ve done here, and also be able to influence things in the future.”

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