TEEN TOPICS | November 22, 2013

BBG Progressive Dinner

by Jessie Hymes
On November 10 in the Falls Creek Neighborhood, 40 members of Louisville BBYO came to a Progressive Dinner hosted by Jay Levine BBG.

Scrumptious appetizers were served at Arianna Goldstein’s home. We then walked over to Daniel Levine’s home to enjoy a dinner of salad, pasta and bread sticks.

We finished the night at Rachel Bass’s house with dessert. The night consisted of socialization and eating, with the exercise from walking to each house in between! Everyone had a lot of fun!

Jay Levine Volunteering
by Natania Lipp, Teen Topics Editor

On October 27, Jay Levine BBG spent an afternoon at Volunteers of America, an organization committed to serving individuals and families in need throughout Kentucky.

In the spirit of late October the chapter brought costumes, candy, and other festivities to celebrate Halloween. Children of all ages were invited, along with their parents, to pick out costumes and have a good time with the girls of Jay Levine.

There were candy, snacks, face painting and other fun games to keep everyone entertained. Between the sugar rush and the excitement of finding new costumes, the energy in the room was incredible and everyone there had a fantastic Sunday afternoon.

Drew Corson AZA
by Jonah Goodman

On Sunday November 10, Drew Corson AZA joined Jay Levine for the annual Progressive Dinner, which started at the Goldstein household where they enjoyed delicious appetizers and strategized for the upcoming basketball tournament. The night progressed up the street to the Levine household where everyone enjoyed delicious lasagna and garlic bread, lastly the night wound down for the girls at the Bass household.

Drew Corson AZA then walked to the Grossman’s house where they made a campfire, and practiced their basketball skills. After tiring themselves out, they took a needed break in which a conversation was held about both our fraternity’s history and the history of the Jewish fraternities that many of them hope to join in just a few short years.

At this point, one would have thought that they would go to sleep, but to the neighbors’ delight (my parents) they decided to have another game of basketball. Then, winding down the event like all events, they had Good and Welfare, then those who were still awake watched a movie.

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