Teen Topics 04/27/12

Every year, the international order celebrates a “BBG Shabbat,” and all BBGs (B’nai B’rith Girls) are encouraged to celebrate Shabbat together. However, the Jay Levine chapter had complications with the original date, so they had BBG Shabbat in March instead.

The theme, used throughout all of BBYO, was l’dor vador, meaning from generation to generation.

For our event, we all met at Natania Lipp’s house for Shabbat dinner. When people started coming, we braided challahs together, and put them into the oven to bake.

Once everyone showed up, the board began programming. First we collected everyone’s cell phones in a box, explaining that since the night was about traditions, we wouldn’t use our phones for the next hour. Then, we did a skit and a program about appreciation of family, and talked about why Shabbat is important to us.

When it was time for dinner, we started by participating in the regular traditions for beginning Shabbat. With every step, there was an explanation as to what we were doing.

For lighting the candles, there was a little slip of paper by the match explaining why we light candles on Shabbat. There was also a small paper on the grape juice, the bowl for washing hands, and the challah cover.

After eating the challah, we had a potluck dinner outside, of foods that our families had cooked. We did the birkat (blessing after meals), gave the phones back, and then talked about our new Stand Up cause.

To show the chapter the importance of Stand Up, we showed “The Girl Effect” video. But before watching the video, every girl was asked to take a piece of paper and write what she wanted to change in her life on one side and what she was appreciative of on the other side.

After watching the video, we all agreed that our problems seemed minimal, and what we wanted to change should have been what we were appreciative of. The board led a meaningful discussion about the purpose of the video and the chapter got a lot out of it.

At the end of the night, we split up into groups for good and welfare, and enjoyed spending the rest of our time together on Shabbat.

Everyone had a lot of fun, learned more about our religion, and new members left with a better understanding of BBYO and a stronger connection to everyone in it.
• • •
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