Teen Topics 02/22/13

Jay Levine BBG
by Rachel Bass

Jay Levine BBG is off to a killer start! Ever since the 2013 Spring Term board was elected in January, the chapter has been on its feet, and it doesn’t look as if they plan to slow down any time soon.

The board spent two and a half hours (yes, really!) at Panera discussing their goals for the term, presenting individual ideas, and setting up a calendar sprinkled with everything from meetings and a recruitment event to sleepovers and Shabbats.

The first official event of the term was a Tu b’Shvat dinner on January 31 at Earthfare in the Summit. More than 20 girls attended, chowing down on all-natural mac and cheese and listening to the Shlicha (Hillary Reskin) lead prayers and teach about the holiday. This was the first Tu b’Shvat event in Jay Levine history, and it is definitely one that will now happen year after year.

February is about to be an insane but exciting month for the girls; it is the start of the recruitment season. Sunday, February 24, from 2:30-4 p.m., Jay Levine BBG along with their brother chapter, Drew Corson AZA, will host a recruitment event for all eighth-grade girls and boys in Louisville. The event is strictly social and an extremely fun way to introduce the teens to the wonderful world of BBYO.

If you are the parent of an eighth-grader, please push the event to your children and tell them to bring their Jewish friends!

Since we believe that nobody should spend Valentine’s Day alone, we decided to take over Impellizerri’s for some pizza, laughter, and lots of loving on February 14.

Finally, on Thursday, February 21, Jay Levine had their first chapter meeting of the term at the JCC. It was a business meeting where the girls planned and discussed Stand Up causes, community service, J-Serve, Bigs/Littles programming, and our upcoming calendars. It can’t be so super serious, though, so we asked all girls in attendance to please wear their pajamas for a little PJ party! (It happened after Community went to press.)

The term is off to an unbelievable start. Each week holds something new for the girls, and there’s no doubt they’re only just beginning.

Jay Levine Tu B’shvat Dinner
by Audrey Nussbaum
The evening began by ordering healthy foods and eating our fruits. We sang our prayers before eating and all the girls caught up with one another. Then Hillary Reskin led a fabulous talk, telling us fun facts about Tu B’Shvat and giving us each a prayer booklet to look through.

We also earned enough money to have our own tree in Israel! The tree will be donated in the name of the Sadle brothers. This is really cool that Jay Levine has another tree in Israel. Israel is in dire need of trees after many of them were burnt down in a fire. By donating money for trees we are helping the people and land there.

Way to go, Jay Levine. The evening ended by singing Hativkah. Hope you will be able to come to the next event.

Drew Corson AZA

During the last month, Drew Corson AZA hosted a Super Bowl party for all of Louisville BBYO at Michael Schwartz’s house. The teens were very excited to enjoy snacks and pizza while watching the Super Bowl with 46 of their friends at the Schwartz’s house.

They also had their first chapter of the meeting of the term, during which they began to introduce eighth graders to the ways of Drew Corson AZA. As is the chapter’s tradition, they ended the meeting by playing basketball in the gym.

They also made and sold chocolate strawberries to support the chapter. Thank you to everyone in the community who helped the group by purchasing plates of strawberries.
Drew Corson is currently busy planning tons of fun events for the rest of this term.

Teen Connection Game Craze Event
On Sunday, February 11, Teen Connection gathered for its Game Craze Event. Middle schoolers met in game central and enjoyed pizza and snacks while playing pool, ping-pong, X-box, Ga-Ga and Basketball. It was a fun day of gaming for all.

The group is looking forward to its next event taking place at Iceland Sports on March 24. They will play broomball, an amazing hockey-type game. The cost to attend is $20. Please contact Mike Steklof at 238-2774 or msteklof@jewishlouisville.org to register.


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