Participate in the Louisville Shabbat Project November 9 and 12

On November 11 and 12: Pause. Take a breath. Let Shabbat do its magic.

Louisville joins the international campaign launched in South Africa. The Shabbat Project – #KeepingItTogether!

The Louisville Shabbat Project is a unique, grassroots Jewish identity movement that is partnering with the international Shabbat Project. Launched in South Africa in 2013, this global initiative spanned 913 cities last year, with over 1 million participants!

The Louisville Shabbat Project is organized by a coalition of Jews from the entire spectrum of Jewish association and observance. Participation is open to all Jewish people. “We believe that labels are for clothes – not people,” said Young Adult and Hillel Director Benji Berlow. “We don’t care if you’re unaffiliated, Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconformidox or anything else – we invite you to join us in celebration ONE Shabbat as ONE people with ONE heart.”

Two community events are planned – the Great Big Challah Bake and a community-wide Havdalah celebration.
The Great Big Challah Bake will be Wednesday, November 9, at 7 p.m. in the J.

Jewish communities around the world will join together to make challahs for Shabbat. Whether starting from scratch or just kneading together, it’s about the shared experience.

Every Challah Bake participant will receive their own bowl, ingredients, apron and other goodies.

You’ll learn how to whip up a batch of dough and braid it into a beautiful challah, which you’ll then take home to bake for Shabbat. “We’ll celebrate with song and dance,” Berlow said, “linking our community with other Jews all over the world who’ll be doing the exact same thing in this one 24-hour period. How amazing is that!”

The community-wide Havdalah celebration will be Saturday, November 12, at 7 p.m. by the Baringer Hill Overlook at Cherokee Park.

Berlow and other community leaders will lead the beautiful Havdalah ceremony. “The word Havdalah means to differentiate, to distinguish,” Berlow explained. “The entire ceremony is to distinguish between Shabbat that we just experienced and the week that we are about to enter, both as an existence in time and as a feeling of existence. Our senses are ignited by the taste of wine, the smell of spices and vision of the candles. We are reminded to distinguish our dark moments from the moments filled with light. We will have family friendly activities following the ceremony.”

Here are five other ways to celebrate:

Shabbat@OurPlace: All you need is a few friends, a rotisserie chicken and #CandlesChallahWine #Shabbat@OurPlace #Shabbat@YourPlace

CommunityShabbat: Join one of the Shabbat Programs going on right here in Louisville. #CommunityShabbat

StayCloseStayShabbat: Instead of worrying about the future, hang out right where you already are #StayCloseStayShabbat

ShabbatUnplugged: Unplug from your devices, and plug into real life. L’Chayim. #ShabbatUnplugged

ShabbatStaycation: Pull an all nighter, 25 hour eat/drink/pray/fun time with your favorite people. #ShabbatStaycation

The Louisville Shabbat Project aims to inspire unity and bring Jewish people together from all walks of life. We are pleased to have so many partnerships throughout the community to help promote this special Shabbat Celebration from our Great Big Challah Bake on Wednesday, November 9 through to our Community-Wide Havdalah Celebration at Cherokee Park on Saturday, November 12.

The Louisville Shabbat Project-Louisville is presented by The J and the Jewish Federation of Louisville with generous support from the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence.

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