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Glazer to compete in
Euro Maccabi Games

Andrea Glazer (right), seen here with the USA show riding team that won the silver medal at the 2017 Maccabiah Games, will compete this year at the European Maccabi Games in Budapest, Hungary. (photo provided by Andrea Glazer)

Andrea Glazer, a Louisville native, expert show rider and medal winner at the 2017 Maccabiah Games in Israel, will join the Maccabi USA Show Jumping Team for the European Maccabi Games from July 28 to Aug. 7, in Budapest, Hungary.
Team USA is sending both a dressage and show jumping team to the Budapest Games.
“I’m in a similar position that I was in when going to the Maccabiah Games,” Glazer said in a statement to Community. “I’m a competitive three-day eventer and now that I’m representing USA on the Show Jumping team with very competitive show jumpers who have been riding in the discipline their whole lives, I definitely have my work cut out for me.”
The other jumpers are Carly Dvorkin of Parkland and Florida Arly Golombek of Detroit. The dressage team includes Kelly Artz of Corona, California; Rebecca Cord of West Grove, Pennsylvania; Connor Giesselman of Ocala, Florida; and Leah Marks of Atlanta.
Dressage is an equestrian sport demonstrating highly skilled riding and artistry.
Glazer was one of the team riders who won the silver medal at the Maccabiah Games. Afterwards, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, to take a marketing/events job at the Victoria Racing Club (VRC), which puts on the Melbourne Cup –
Australia’s version of the Kentucky Derby. She later took a zookeeper position at a crocodile park in Broome, Western Australia, where she took care of birds, bats, dingoes, perenties and other creatures
“I learned how to wrangle crocodiles,” Glazer said. “Six of them escaped while I was there.”
She kept up riding while at Broome and even helped teach local riders.
Glazer is now in Robbinsville, New Jersey, training under Olympic show jumpers Neal and Licha Shapiro. She said she works 12 hours a day, riding anywhere six to nine horses during that time.

Bagels and businesses
coming to Logan Street
The new Logan Street Market will have some Jewish attractions when it opens in July.
The newest bagel shop in Louisville, Cold Smoke Bagels, will open in the converted tobacco warehouse, while the Jewish Family & Career Services and the Kentucky Refugee Ministries will have space on the mezzanine level for its Navigate Enterprise clients to sell their products.
According to Sasha Chack, who owns Cold Smoke, he will operate and counter with stools in the market. Another seating area will be located nearby.
The menu will include bagels, sandwiches, latkes and other Jewish-style fare.
Chack said he’s talking to the Louisville Vaad and Kentucky Kosher about kashrut supervision.
“The biggest hurdle is that my business has to be open all the hours of the market and that includes Shabbat,” he said. “Hence, there’s no possibility of anyone (including myself) walking there to supervise. If the entire shop can’t be under hashgacha (supervision) then some of my pre-prepared grab- and-go items may be able to be hechshered. It’s a work in progress.”

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