More Extraordinary Things We Do Together

When the Jewish Community of Louisville’s vice president and chief development officer, Stew Bromberg, returned from the Campaign chairs and Directors Mission to the Ukrainian city of Odessa and Israel in August, he was truly excited.

One of the things he had learned was that the 2013 Federation Campaign tagline, together we do extraordinary things, is really a statement of fact. From helping young Ukrainian Jews develop strong Jewish identities through Jewish camping experiences and opportunities to visit Israel to helping Ethiopian Jews succeed in making the transition from the backward villages of their birth land to Israel’s high tech society, our dollars make a real difference in peoples lives.

One of Bromberg’s goals upon his return to Louisville was to share the sights and sounds, the friendships and the personal stories he heard. Using a journal he kept during the trip, he has begun a blog, and two installments have been posted to our Community Newspaper. Check it out and watch for additional blog posts about every two weeks.


Take the journey with him; discover the beauty of the places he visited and the importance of the work we do as we change people’s lives. Celebrate the knowledge that together, we really do extraordinary things.

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