KentuckyOne Health extends participation in Surgery on Sunday program to Jewish Hospital in Louisville

Jewish Hospital, part of KentuckyOne Health, has joined the Surgery on Sunday program to provide essential outpatient procedures for free to those in need.

The inaugural event in Louisville was Sunday, August 18, when approximately 12 patients received colonoscopies at the Jewish Hospital Outpatient Care Center Endoscopy Unit. Subsequent events will be held periodically throughout the year. Jewish Hospital in Louisville is the fourth in the nation to participate.

Surgery on Sunday, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides essential outpatient surgical services for free for those in need who cannot afford insurance and who are not eligible for federal or state programs. Patients are referred from existing organizations in the community and receive much needed surgical procedures.

For income-eligible patients with no health insurance, all services and supplies – from the pre-operative visit with a volunteer surgeon, to the imaging studies, to pre- and post-surgery medications, to physical therapy, to the post-operative appointment – are free.

Surgery on Sunday is completely volunteer-driven and all of the professionals who assist at the hospital – surgeons, anesthesiologists, certified nursing assistants, nursing staff, administration and others – donate their time and expertise for the procedures. Approximately 30 volunteers were hand to make Surgery on Sunday a success for patients.

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