JFCS Annual Meeting Is May 31

Jewish Family & Career Services will celebrate its 108th anniversary on Tuesday, May 31, at 7:30 p.m. at JFCS. Board president, Stephanie Mutchnick, will preside over the meeting and share some of her thoughts on her first year in office.

Debbie Friedman, chair of the Board governance committee, will announce the proposed slate of board members and officers.

Nominees to to be elected for three-year terms on the Board are Lisa Klein, Rachel Greenberg, Amy Gilbert and Karen Sherman.

Nominees to be re-elected for three-year terms on the Board are Ed Cohen and Diane Tobin.

Nominees to serve as officers/at-large members of the Executive Committee are President Stephanie Mutchnick, President Elect Peter Resnik, Vice President Sean Wachsman, Treasurer Mark Charnas, Immediate Past President Debbie Friedman and at-large members Jay Klempner, Marty Margulis and Mark Ament.

Six members who will be leaving the Board are Billy Altman, Laura Klein, Larry Kass, Janet Hodes, Carlyn Altman and Stephi Wolff.

The Annual Meeting provides the opportunity to thank the JFCS staff for their efforts and the excellent services they provide. Also, the Mary Gunther Award for best program of the year will be awarded.
The community is invited to join the Board and the staff of JFCS as they celebrate their 108th year of service to this community.

Desserts will be served after the meeting.

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