10 Questions with Personal Trainer Sylvester Davis

Sylvester Davis started personal training at the JCC about a year ago. He graduated from UofL in 2005 with an Exercise Science major and a minor in public health. He started personal training in 2004.

Community Newspaper: What is your favorite workout to do personally?
Sylvester Davis: A lot of power and Olympic lifting. Free weights with dumbells and barbells are my favorite. Classic exercises like squats and bench press. I enjoy lifting heavy and getting stronger, not for the looks, but in normal life. It makes it easier to do yard work or play sports.

CN: Are you a big athlete?
SD: Not really, I just enjoy lifting. I won a couple of 2nd place awards for powerlifting in high school and played 4 years of football.

CN: What is your motivation technique?
SD: One rep at a time to get to your goal. I try to get people to buy into a whole lifestyle change with gradual results. I try to explain and show how to do a particular exercise and why it is the right one instead of something else. I am not a negative talker, but I will push you to do 1 more.



CN: Why should someone consider Personal Training?
SD: Personal Training teaches someone how to do an exercise properly. Anyone can watch an exercise video on YouTube or see a workout in a magazine. But that doesn’t really let someone understand how to do the full movements. With a Personal Trainer, you can ask questions to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. A Personal Trainer can develop and help you implement a personalized workout routine that just for you. A Personal Trainer can also act as a buffer for someone who is first starting out.

CN: That is the case of a lot of people. They are just starting at the gym but being surrounded by people in better shape can intimidate them. How does a Personal Trainer help then?
SD: The main thing is keeping it one-on-one, especially with someone less experienced in the gym. A Personal Trainer can act like a psychologist, helping a person overcome their mental barriers to working out, especially unease with their surroundings. I try to find common ground with all my clients. It is all about helping them stay calm. You already made the decision to come here, now we will start to work together to accomplish your goals.

CN: How long have you lived in Louisville?
SD: I was born and raised here and went to UofL. I am definitely a Cardinal.

CN: Being raised here, you must have some good Derby stories.
SD: I actually grew up a few blocks from Churchill Downs. So as a kid, my family would always go to Derby Parties and park cars. I never really got that into horses. But the rest of the Derby Festival is fun. I used to love the Chow Wagon.

CN: Is there anything you can eat at the Chow Wagon now?
SD: Actually yes, a lot of the grilled meats and vegetables are good for you. The main things to watch out for are the sauces. Gyros are good too.

CN: What is your favorite post workout food?
SD: Right away, I like chocolate milk or maybe Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey.  A couple hours afterwards, sweet potatoes, broccoli and a nice steak.

CN: How important is nutrition to a person’s fitness goals?
SD: I would say they are just as important as the exercise. If you are trying to lose weight and you work hard in the gym but find yourself at McDonald’s eating a Big Mac later, it almost contradicts your workout. I don’t like diets; people feel they are too restrictive. Instead, I encourage people to just slowly change their eating habits. A first goal may be to stop eating at night and only drink some water. It is all part of the little things that help you achieve your goals.



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