Teen Topics 05/25/12

BBG Happenings
by Natania Lipp

This month, Jay Levine held multiple small events.

At the beginning of May, we had an event in honor of Stand Up Week. Stand Up Week is a week that’s celebrated in the national order that promotes Stand Up, a teen initiative to make a difference in the community and stand up for what we believe in. Our city stand up cause is teen health, so we had a “Biggest Loser” themed event at the JCC on a weeknight. The admission was five dollars, and proceeds will go to help fight obesity.

At the event we played games that required physical activity like spud, and ate healthy snacks such as veggie trays. At the end, we discussed the meaning of our event in relation to Stand Up Week, and how it takes determination to stay healthy and fit just as it takes drive to stay involved and be helpful in the community. Overall, everyone had a lot of fun and got a better understanding of how to do community service in a more creative way!

A week later, we had our MIT board elections at the JCC. MITs are Members In Training, and every year Jay Levine has the Members In Training run for each board position as practice. These elections follow the usual elections process with writing a speech and platform and having the chapter vote and elect by majority. However, these elections are less serious since they will not be serving real terms on board.

We had a lot of new members run, and they all did a fantastic job in not only stepping out of their comfort zones, but also showing their passion and motivation to make a difference in BBYO. The new MIT board elected was:

Nsiah (president) – Emily Schulman
S’ganit (vice president) – Audrey Nussbaum
Morah (MIT-mom) – Becca Lustig
Sh’licha (in charge of community service, social action and Jewish heritage) – Molly Schuster
Gizborit (in charge of fundraising/treasurer) – Arianna Goldstein
Mazkirah (in charge of communication/ secretary) – Sarah Ward

The actual board will now be mentors for these girls and allow them to help out with their position. Also, next term we will have them get the hang of leading things by having them plan their own program at an event.

We congratulate everyone who ran, as they have just taken their first step into the life-changing experience that this organization offers!

As an annual tradition, Jay Levine participated in the Mothers’ Day sale this past Sunday. We sell flowers for $25 and order them for Mother’s Day. On Sunday, May 13, a few members drove all around Louisville delivering flowers. This project is one of our most successful fundraisers that we do throughout the year.
Coming up, we have an end of the year pool party! This event will be hosted at Sadie Cohen’s house, and all boys and girls of the Louisville chapters are welcome to attend. The party will not contain much programing, but that night we will also participate in senior lives.

During “lives” we allow all seniors to tell us about their life in BBYO and give away all of their belongings they have accumulated from it throughout the years. This year, Jay Levine’s only senior, Rachel Klein will have a very cherished senior lives where the whole chapter will come together and spend their last time with her in BBYO. At this point the boys will split up and do their “lives” separately. Everyone is encouraged to go, since it will be our last event until after summer!

AZA Activities
[by Eli Gould]

Our local BBYO chapter, Drew Corson AZA, has been up to a lot lately.

We just had a successful sleepover with 15 members in attendance, around half of whom were new recruits! At the sleepover we played sports, had a Havdallah service and successfully inducted our new members into our chapter.

Our next event is a pool party and Senior Lives on May 27 which is going to be tons of fun as well!!! If you are interested in joining BBYO or want to know more about it you can contact me at eli.gould@kcd.org for information.

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