The Temple honors Prizant family with L’Dor V’Dor tribute

ellen prizant

On Friday, August 23, The Temple have a special Back to School Blue Jean Shabbat dinner and service, during which the congregation will honor the Prizant family with their L’Dor V’Dor Tribute for their multi-generation contributions to both The Temple and the Louisville Jewish community.

The dinner will begin at 6 p.m., and the service at 7. Carol Heideman will provide special Shabbat music.

“My family feels extremely honored to be the first recipients of The Temple’s L’dor V’Dor Award,” Ellen Prizant said. “Maud Fliegelman, Anne Oppenheimer and I and our entire families (Bruce, Evan, Loren, Jane, Teller and Amelia Prizant, and John and Marc Oppenheimer) are thankful for the recognition of the intergenerational commitment we have shown at The Temple and in the communities where we live.

“My mother and father, [Maud and] Dr. M.T. Fliegelman, have served on many boards,” she continued. My father was “the first doctor on the Jewish Hospital Board, Metro United Way, and the Louisville Orchestra. He also started the U of L department of Dermatology and had it certified, all voluntarily.

“My sister, my mother, and I are primarily involved in helping families and children,” Prizant added. “Mother helped start many non-profits in Louisville: VIPS, CASA, 4-C, and California Family Child Development Center.

“Anne is the treasurer of the International Council of Jewish Women, has been president of two sections of NCJW, served on her Temple board and is very active in AIPAC,” she said. I am involved with many non-profits including VIPS, Family and Children’s Place, NCJW, MUW, Walden Theater, Stage One, and California Area Family Development Center.

“My mother, my sister, and I have all been awarded the Hannah Solomon Award that is presented to an outstanding person in the community who has made a significant contribution in the fields of education, family life, etc.,” she said. “My entire family has belonged to The Temple for over 55 years and my grandchildren are just starting their journey.

“Again, we are appreciative of this recognition,” Prizant concluded.

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