The Temple Held Annual Women’s Shabbaton

[by Deb Aubespin]

The 2lst Annual Temple Women’s Shabbaton was successful. Twenty Temple women began a process of “Walking the Path of Holiness,” at Shaker Village the weekend of June 10-12.

The participants included those who had attended up to 16 Shabbatons as well as “newbies.” As one who had never attended, I had no idea what to expect and as it turned out, I kicked myself for never having gone before.  This “newbie” was overwhelmed by the programming, which included prayer, learning, drama, music, laughter, quiet walks and questioning what it means to walk a path of holiness.

The weekend ran by too quickly and ended with women speaking from their hearts about their Jewish time at Shaker Village. For me, who struggles with the idea of spirituality, just getting together with Jewish women that I know and women that I want to know better became one of the best reasons to attend the Shabbaton.

Participants included Susan Allen, Amy Benovitz, Linda Bledsoe, Barb Fabricant, Paola Gallagher, Lisa Glasscock, Raema Green, Sidney Katz, Lisa Shapiro, Nadyne Lee, Sue Levy, Pami, Stephanie Saransohn, Sheila Tasman, Susan Waterman, Fran Weinstock, Irene Zahler, Tammy Zukof and Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks.

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