Louisville’s Got Talent Submission Requirements and Guidelines


  • Video length max is 5 minutes
  • Landscape mode is required
  • Accepted video formats include: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .WAV
  • You must “slate” for your video. This is a short introduction for your performance including:
    • Act Name
    • The piece you are performing
    • Example: “Hello, we are One Direction and today we will be performing ‘Night Changes’. Thank you!”
  • Sound quality is important. Be mindful of conflicting ambient noise and background interference that could challenge and/or impede the clarity of your recording.
  • Lighting is also crucial to your video being successful. Consider lighting choices and potential shadows making it difficult to discern your performance.
  • Your background should help the audience focus on you. A neutral background with little distraction is best.

As you prepare to submit a segment for consideration in Louisville’s Got Talent, 2021 Showcase, we present a few guidelines for recording success.


  • Get a good night’s sleep before the shoot; you want to feel refreshed and confident in front of the camera.
  • Drink lots of water beforehand and have a bottle of water with you—those lights can get hot.


  • Solid colors on clothing are usually safest, as patterns can be distracting to the viewer. This also applies to accessories, such as ties, bowties, and scarves.
    • For those performing in costumes, be mindful of sequence and your lighting.
  • Neutrals, soft blues, and browns are the way to go.
  • Avoid high-contrast clothing like a bright white shirt and bright red pants. In general, avoid white shirts without something covering it, such as a solid vest, blazer, or scarf.
  • Avoid vibrant reds. For red-spectrum clothing, instead opt for deep reds, pinks, or burgundies.
  • We DO NOT accept branded clothing with writing, and icons.


  • If you wear jewelry, keep it uncomplicated. Resist large, shiny pieces and noisy bracelets, like bangles—if you’re prone to gesture, the sound may be disruptive.
  • Style long hair away from your face to avoid light shadowing.
  • If you wear makeup, keep it light and natural

Good luck!