Young Leaders (Grades 7-9)



Weekly, June 5-August 11
Camp Hours: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Community Members: $264
Summer Members: $248
The J Members: $215

Young leaders will have fun connecting with others while forming an understanding of the core community values: Communication, Respect, Strategy, Trust, Vision, and Responsibility. The group will spend three days per week at The J and two days off site. While at The J, Young Leaders will spend their days enjoying an upgraded version of the traditional camp experience- with extended time in specific specialty areas and working with the CIT’s on a joint Camp beautification project. The two days off site will be spent on field trips, participating in group community service projects and going on hikes at local parks. All participants will receive a minimum of 10 community service hours for each week they attend camp.

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NEW for Rising 10th Graders

The J Camp Counselor in Training Program


Our aim is for The J CIT’s to complete a session having acquired the necessary skills to become an effective and exciting summer camp counselor. In addition to this program being a meaningful and empowering experience for the CIT, camp as a whole benefits from a successful counselor-in-training program.

Goal: To educate and train teenagers to become effective and talented counselors.


Observe a variety of different activity areas

Assist with daily camp duties

Plan and execute a Tikkun Olam “Grounds Beautification” service project

Complete evaluations with the CIT supervisor

Successfully plan and execute one all-camp event per 5-week session


Experiential learning by observing and assisting staff

Participate in activities, special events, trips, and CIT meetings

Participation in the planning, design, and implementation of a Tikkun Olam service project


The CIT’s role at camp is to learn how to effectively counsel children, plan and facilitate age-appropriate programs, and develop a meaningful understanding of what being a staff member entails.

CIT Meetings:

Meetings between the CIT’s and the CIT supervisor take place every day, and will promote the exchange of ideas amongst CIT’s, which can then be translated to camp staff members in order to improve the efficacy of the interactive teaching aspect of the program. Additionally, the CIT supervisor will hold individual meetings with each CIT once per week, allowing specific focus on the progress of that individual. The meetings will also include invited guests who will offer guidance on specific topics that are relevant to the CIT program, or to camp as a whole. These meetings will also serve as planning time for the all-camp programs, the Tikkun Olam Service project, and a time to give and receive critical feedback about their role.

CIT Service Project

Service learning is an extremely valuable method for CIT’s to understand the core middot, or Jewish values that create the framework for camp. Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world, is a value that gives our CIT’s the opportunity to build character and community, by working together to create and implement a Camp Beautification project. This process includes brainstorming their unique attribute to the chosen beautification project, agreeing on it, planning the execution, creating the project, and finally, evaluating the experience and what they have learned. The skills that are gained through the experience of creating and executing a Tikkun Olam service project are invaluable and will result in memories and impressions that will last far beyond the CIT program.

CIT All-Camp Event:

Similar to the CIT project, the CIT all-camp event will also be a long-term planning process for CITs. This event is planned and facilitated for all campers. Through the process of brainstorming, planning, execution, and evaluation of the program, CITs will gain an understanding of the logistics of programming for a large group.

One 5 week sessions available:
Weeks 6-10: July 10-August 11

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