TEEN TOPICS | April 24,2015

Jay Levine BBG
by Abby Balkin
To begin this April we had a long break for Passover and spring break! Then we immediately jumped into our J-Serve program, along with a chapter meeting, and a chapter program.

During J-Serve, we worked as a chapter in different groups in order to help out in our community. We then had a fabulous chapter meeting and ended with our “Bigs & Littles” program. In “Bigs & Littles” we pair up each of our new members with an older member to show them the ropes and to be a friend throughout all of their years left in BBYO.

The next day we had an AIT/MIT (Alef-in-Training/Member-in-Training) Prep meeting in order to get our new members ready for their first regional convention called AIT/MIT. At this meeting, we had our MITs come together and ask any questions about their first convention, we also gave them advice and let them know what they should expect.

This past weekend was the AIT/MIT convention and I am sure that everyone who went had an amazing time. AIT/MIT is a great experience and one of the best ways to start of being a BBG.

For the rest of this month, we have some activities planned with some visiting Israeli teens who are coming to Louisville, such as a dinner and a volunteering opportunity.

Later this month we also have a meeting called MIT Board Prep, where we explain to our new members what a MIT board is, how to run for it, and what each board position is really in charge of.
We are so excited to see what the rest of this term has in store.

Drew Corson AZA
by Joey Schuster
Drew Corson had a busy month as members started by attending the regional convention called Kallah. We said goodbye to our favorite seniors and got to see all of our friends from around the region.

Then the board had a sleepover with the new members inducting them into our chapter and teaching them all about our traditions and customs. The rest of the members had a dodge ball tournament and watched the Louisville basketball game together.

Recently the new members went to their first convention called AIT/MIT, where they met new people and got inducted into the region. Sadly, we will have to say goodbye to our seniors soon as they tell about their lives and give away their favorite items they received through BBYO.

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