Seder Service Conducted at Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park

Seder Service Conducted at Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park

Jewish residents of Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park (Four Courts) and their families celebrated Passover with Seders on the first two nights of Passover. The Seders, which included the traditional symbols of the holiday, recounting the story of the exodus from Egypt from the Haggadah and holiday meals, took place in the Behr Chapel.

Sheila Schwartz, whose mother Evelyn Feingold resides at Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park, organized the Seders with direct support from Director of Spirituality Craig Cantrall and Quality of Life Director Jaime Larimorep. The Seder meals were provided by Mike Jewellson, Eunice Thompson and their team.

Nineteen residents and family members were at each Seder. Deb Amchin of Keneseth Israel facilitated the first night, and Alex Rosenberg and his son, Noah, of Temple Shalom facilitated the second night.

Family members and residents were encouraged to participate actively. Dr. Jason Greenburg (son-in-law of Isadore “Izzy” Eisenwasser) and Bruce Miller (son of resident Barbara Miller) capped off the celebration by facilitating the last portion of the Seder after the meal on the second night. Additionally, resident Ruth Nelson provided a reading one night and sang a song in Hebrew to close the meal on the second night.

Feedback from family members and residents was very positive. They enjoyed the Seder and being able to participate. Several were ecstatic about the meals, especially the brisket. Overall it was felt to be a memorable experience.

“We were honored and touched by each family that helped make the Seders possible. And it was a special privilege to experience residents like Ruth Nelson giving of herself and sharing during the Seder,” said Cantrall.

“It was really a great time,” saod Selina Ferguson, Eisenwasser’s daughter.

“It (the Seder) was really good, and the brisket was something else!” added Jesse Dunn, who is not Jewish but has had strong ties to the Jewish community throughout her life.“You know I grew up Orthodox? But everything was good,” observed Louis Getzel, retired pharmacist.

“My son thought it was fantastic! It was so wonderful; tables set so families could sit together with flowers on every table, and not only a real Seder plate, but everyone had a plate with the elements on it. It was like having Seder at home,” said resident Barbara Miller.

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