Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Instruction Levels

Lenny Krayzelburg Summer Camp Swim Instruction Levels

Level 1: Splashers

Level 1 swimmers show hesitancy or even a fear of the water. In this level we look to make them at ease in the water with the constant assistance of an instructor. Once the swimmer is able to do all of the required skills willingly with the support of the instructor, they are ready for Level 2.

Level 2: Floaters

In this level, swimmers are expected to move from dependence on an instructor to independence in the water. No great distance is expected of the students. Beginners in this level are happy to do whatever the instructor asks with support and they will learn to push off the islands and float independently.

Level 3: Kickers

Minimum requirements for this level are complete independence in the water and the ability to back float for at least 10 seconds unassisted. In this level they will learn to roll from their stomachs to their backs while maintaining a strong kick, how to streamline and to swim underwater.

Level 4: Streamliners

Swimmers starting this level should show a mastery of streamline and be able to roll from front to back while maintaining a good kick. In this level they will begin to learn Freestyle and Backstroke arm movements and how to breathe to the side.  Before advancing to level 5, they should be able to do all the drills for at least 25 yards and multiple laps per 25 minute lesson. This requirement will continue in order to advance to each proceeding level.

Level 5: Freestylers

Level 5 is the beginning of swim team prep. Any swimmer placed in this level should also be able to do the minimum requirements to join the Gators Swim team (25 yard swim with stroke). In this level, students will learn more Freestyle and Backstroke drills and begin to learn Breaststroke and Butterfly kicks.

Level 6: Gliders

Swimmers beginning level 6 should be able to independently do correct Breaststroke kick and correctly breathe to the sides for Freestyle. In this level they will learn independent Butterfly kick and arm drills for both Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Level 7: Flyers

This is the final level. Swimmers starting this level should be able to breathe for Breaststroke and Butterfly without switching to Freestyle kick or a doggy paddle. In this level they will perfect all four strokes.

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