Relive Your Camp Childhood With The J’s Adults Only Summer Camp

Who says only children can go to summer camp? Just because you’re adults and parents doesn’t mean you can’t sit around a bonfire and make s’mores like the good ole days, right?

Join The J on Saturday, August 20, from 7-11 p.m. to relive your younger years at summer camp for the Adults Only Summer Camp Fundraiser and support the camp scholarship fund so that other children can make the same memories that you once did.

Play sharks and minnows in the open pool, sip on adult “spiked” bug juice, munch on hot dogs and sink your teeth into gooey s’mores around a bonfire! Seriously, there will be a ton of camp activities just for you adults. And who doesn’t love to slip n’ slide?

Senior Director of Camp and Youth Services Betsy Schwartz said the Adults Only Summer Camp Fundraiser is an incredible way for parents to have a night of fun and support a very important cause.

“It’s an opportunity for parents, friends, and camp-lovers, to spend a night at the JCC participating in camp-friendly activities, while raising funds to send needy children to our day camp!” she said.

Several children wouldn’t get the opportunity to go to The J’s Summer Camps if it wasn’t for the Camp Scholarship Fund. Think about it-no pool days, no new camp friends that last a lifetime, and no camp skits. You parents, can help give children these memories.

So what are you waiting for? The camp songs are ready to be sung and the marshmallows are ready to be toasted!

Tickets are $36 and include two drinks, camp food and koozie.

RSVP to Betsy Schwartz, 502-238-2701. For more information visit

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