Team JCC raises $400 to fight diabetes, support Ms. Pamela

On October 19, more than 15 people from JCC Early Childhood Education participated in Step Out, the American Diabetes Walk to Stop Diabetes. The group raised approximately $400 in support of Ms. Pamela, a teacher at ECE. Ms Pamela is in her second year of teaching in the infant room and is like family to many of the families with children she looks after.

“Ms. Pamela has a wonderful attitude and is truly an inspiration,” said Early Childhood Director Melissa Youngblood. “We were honored to walk in support of her and all who suffer from this disease.”

After not feeling well for a while, Ms. Pamela went to a routine physical and was diagnosed with Diabetes. She is currently insulin-dependent and checks her sugars multiple times per day. While they are trying to get her levels under control, Ms. Pamela reports that she is feeling much better.


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