PJ Library has Fundraiser, Reading at Barnes & Noble

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PJ Library Barnes and Noble Fundraiser-03PJ Library teamed up with Barnes & Noble in the Paddocks on December 7 with a Chanukah party and book reading for children.

The event featured two Chanukah book readings, crafts and snacks. The PJ Library received a percentage of sales from all shoppers who mentioned the JCC or presented a coupon.

Jennifer Tuvlin, PJ Library director, said there were about 40 families who attended the events. “We were thrilled with such a strong turnout,” she said.

PJ Library strives to have events at Jewish and community sites, Tuvlin added.

“We will continue planning age-appropriate events and both types of locations since we see that so many families have shown an interest in bringing their children together,” she said.

Barnes & Noble specially ordered many Chanukah books for the occasion and has already asked PJ Library to come back next year.

Marsha Roth, PJ Library chair, read in the morning, and Tuvlin read in the afternoon. Kids gathered around the reading area and enjoyed the book, I Know an Old Lady who Swallowed a Dreidel, by Caryn Yacowitz and David Slonim. One child shouted, “We don’t eat dreidels!” Another book they enjoyed was Honeyky Hanukah, by Woody Guthrie, actually lyrics to a song, illustrated in a book.

As Tuvlin brought out the books, children shouted, “I have that book!”

The only thing that surprised Tuvlin was the children: “I was surprised at how well-behaved the children were,” she said. “Mine would be running all over the store.”







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