Muslim Community Statement on Paris Attacks

Louisville’s Muslim community issued this statement following the terrorist attacks in Paris:

The Muslim community of the greater Louisville area strongly condemns the atrocious attacks committed by the cowardly ISIS in Paris. If there is one thing that connects us to those affected by the Paris attacks, it is the condition of our hearts, as ours have been hijacked, beaten, and bruised by the same vicious, unstable and insane impostors.

We pray for the victims, hoping that they may find themselves surrounded by the most blessed in the highest of heavens, the sort of place where sacrifice is compensated with reward beyond imagination. We pray for their parents, as no mother or father should ever have their child stolen from them. We pray for their spouses, because it is unjust to have a partner, one who is bound for life, lost in the blink of an eye. We pray for their friends, each one having lost a piece of their life’s puzzle.

We pray for the survivors as they learn how to live again, trying to make sense of a thing that makes no sense at all. We mourn the loss of the innocent lives, people who did great things, who could have done more great things, if only given the time on this earth.

We stand with our fellow Louisvillians, regardless of faith. We stand with our fellow Americans, regardless of background. We stand with our fellow Muslims, regardless of creed. We stand with our fellow Parisians, hoping that this tragedy only brings us closer together, as we are your brothers and sisters and we pray you consider us the same.

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