Louisville Hadassah Took a Walk Down Memory Lane

The Louisville Chapter of Hadassah hosted a contemporary “Linen Shower” on December 21 at the Jewish Community Center.

Women came together for A “Walk Down Memory Lane” and viewed vintage scrapbooks from the chapters’ history. The oldest book, from 1919, documents the handwritten minutes from the earliest chapter meetings.

The women also created new memory books using photos and documents from the programs of the past three years. Julie Sage assisted with scrapbooking techniques and enabled even the most novice woman to design pages that showcased past events.

During the early years of Hadassah Hospital, chapters hosted “Linen Showers” to raise money for sheets and towels for the new medical facility. In 2014, the Sarah David Wetsman Tower was completed with 500 beds, 5 stories underground that can protect from missiles and chemical warfare and include 20 surgical suites.

The proceeds from the contemporary linen shower go to furnishing the Operating Rooms. The Louisville Chapter intends to raise enough money to purchase an IV Pole or Oxygen tank. All donations were matched by a grant from donors.

In the past six months Hadassah Hospital has been called into action to take care of injured soldiers and civilians during Operation Protective Edge during the summer of 2014. Hadassah Hospital takes care of all people regardless of country, religion or race.

For more information go to Hadassah.org or contact president, Michelle Elisburg, meehadassah@gmail.com

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