Louisville BBYO Chapters Earn International Honors

IMG_20160417_111347BBYO AIT/MIT Convention
From April 15-17, 25 Louisville BBYO members attended AIT/MIT Convention at Camp Campbell Guard in Hamilton, OH. This convention is designed to give new members a taste of BBYO and to teach them the traditions and rituals of BBYO.

At the convention, Louisville BBYO received word that Drew Corson AZA had been awarded the Henry Monsky International Chapter Excellence Award and Jay Levine BBG was awarded the Miriam Albert International Chapter Excellence Award. Only one other chapter in the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio Region was recognized with an international chapter excellence award.

It coincided with 12 other BBYO Conventions taking place around the world. The simultaneous conventions came together via webcam for a song session on Saturday night.

The following Louisville BBYO member served as members of the steering committee for this convention: Carly Schwartz, Ava Schumacher and Zev Meyerowitz.

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