Local JCRC Issues Statement on Pluralism in Israel

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Louisville is deeply disturbed by the continued discrimination against Reform and Conservative Jews in Israel. We call on the government of Israel to take strong and effective action to eliminate this injustice.

The agreement approved by the Knesset supporting a separate location at the Kotel for egalitarian prayer was a landmark decision in support of religious pluralism. We are dismayed by the backtracking on that agreement by the Likud led coalition.

We call on the Israeli government to abide by its agreement regarding the Kotel, prevent the continued harassment and abuse of Israeli Reform and Conservative Jews, and to recognize the religious authority of the Rabbis of these parts of the Jewish community. These actions can only strengthen the ties between Israeli and Diaspora communities, and enhance the bonds among the parts of Clal Yisrael (the community of Israel).

Background information on this issue can be found at http://forward.com/news/israel/346706/a-perfect-storm-the-deepening-religious-rift-between-israel-and-diaspora-je/.onservative and Reform movements.

We look forward to bringing the Louisville community together with shared love and aspirations for Israel.

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