Lion of Judah Endowment

Today’s Jewish women can perpetuate their own names and their commitment to Jewish continuity by establishing a Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE), a fund that permanently endows a woman’s annual gift to the JCL Annual Campaign.


Why should I establish an LOJE?

Locally, LOJE funds enhance the Jewish people through education and other community programs that bond us to our Jewish heritage. Worldwide, endowment funds help Israel continue to flourish as a home and safe haven for Jews. By providing a permanent endowment through LOJE, you will help JCL prepare both for needs we can anticipate and for unexpected occurrences.

How do I establish an LOJE?

To establish an LOJE, you endow a gift of at least $100,000 to JCL. Your LOJE fund can be created using almost any type of asset, including cash, appreciated assets (such as common stock, real estate or bonds), or valuable jewelry or works of art. We will invest your gift to maximize its value, thereby ensuring that the income produced funds an annual Campaign gift in your name of at least $5,000. Meanwhile, the principal remains intact as a permanent resource for the Jewish community.

How do I benefit from an LOJE?

In addition to receiving an immediate income tax deduction for your endowment (and a subsequent deduction for any year that you add to your LOJE), Lion of Judah Endowment donors enjoy an elite camaraderie and proudly wear an attractive LOJE pin that announces to the Jewish world that they have taken action to ensure Jewish continuity and survival.

What are my endowment options?

You may make an outright gift, or take advantage of the tax benefits and convenience of one of the following:

  • A simple bequest in your will or trust.
  • A life insurance policy naming Jewish Community of Louisville as owner and beneficiary.
  • A Donor-Advised Fund, from which you can recommend charitable distributions during your lifetime, with the remainder forming your LOJE fund.

For more information contact Stew Bromberg, (502) 238-2755 or
The Jewish Community of Louisville does not provide legal advice.  Donors are encouraged to consult their independent tax and legal counsel.

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