Letters to the Editor: WGH

To the friends and loyal supporters of Western Galilee Hospital

In recent days, we have sat closely tuned in to the conflict taking place in the South, the feeling of escalating conflict the residents of the North are all too familiar with. We know too, that these news stories are watched closely by those of you abroad and that your concerns are with us all during these tumultuous times.

I write to you today, not to remind you of past conflicts but to send the message that the residents of all of Israel depend on the strength of you, our dear friends and supporters. It is through your commitment to providing quality healthcare for the people of Israel that we have been able to achieve so much to advance the standard of care offered to all the residents of the Galilee. It is essential that we continue on this path with your support and together, strengthen one another against the storms that still lie ahead of us.

I wish to thank all of you who have written and called in recent days, to show your concern for us in the North. We count every quiet day along the border as a blessing for the region. But just as in the past, the Western Galilee Hospital stands ever-ready to treat citizens and soldiers in times of conflict. The newly opened and fully protected Emergency Department, which was built out of your support and dedication, is the best measure of security available against any future attacks on our hospital and allows us to care for the residents of the north confident in an unsure future.

I hope to be able to update you all soon with more uplifting greetings and wish a peaceful and secure future for us all.

Masad Barhoum, MD
Director General

Editor’s Note: Western Galilee Hospital is a part of Louisville’s Partnership 2Gether region and is supported by your donations to the annual Federation Campaign.

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