Your Actions Convey Your Values L’Dor VaDor – from Generation to Generation

[by Stew Bromberg]
Vice President and CDO
Jewish Community of Louisville

I have been thinking a lot about l’dor vador– from generation to generation – this week. Actually, it all started three weeks ago on November 5. That was the night we launched the 2013 Federation Campaign at a volunteer kickoff event.

Vicki Agron, from Florida and Colorado, flew in to talk with us about the importance of this and every campaign. She spoke about the value of the work we do and the many programs and services we continue to provide in the Louisville community.

As Vicki spoke, my mind wondered to this phrase again – l’dor vador – from generation to generation.

We hear this often in the Jewish community. We hear it, but do we listen to what we are being told? Do we really understand the meaning of what we are hearing? I do believe I now understand.

Over the years I have often thought of the power of these words. I have worked to help others understand them. Daily I encourage others to think about what our ancestors did for us, and their future that we are now living. Had they not planted trees, we would not have shade. If they had not built strong Jewish communities, where would we gather with our family and friends to celebrate our fortunes and help each other during difficult times?

L’dor vador is about providing an opportunity to set an example of giving tzedakah and to help build something for the next generation. One of the ways to help secure the future of the Louisville Jewish community is through the establishment of an Endowment Fund.

Endowment gifts can provide long-term sources of funding for the Jewish Community of Louisville. Endowment funds support programs and services not just for one year or one generation, but forever. These funds are invested prudently to ensure they can sustain present and future needs.

When you establish an endowment, you leave a lasting legacy that will support the Louisville Jewish community forever. The investment income earned from your fund will be used exclusively for the stated purpose you designated.

You can also provide a lasting tribute by naming your fund in memory or in honor of someone special. This is an opportunity to pass on your beliefs, values and interests to the community.

It is the responsibility of the entire community to teach and raise the next generation, and it will be their task to raise the generation after them. We can all participate in ensuring that our tradition goes l’dor vador. We have all heard that it takes a village to raise a child. We are the village. It is our responsibility to provide for our children and our children’s children. It is important to link our past to the present, and our present to the future.

Your support will inspire others. By establishing an endowment fund, you will inspire others to establish funds to perpetuate the programs and values that are dear to them. Together we can all have a greater impact on the future of the Louisville Jewish community.

May we all connect to our past, allow it to inspire our present, and thereby enrich our future –l’dor vador.

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