Letter to the Editor

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to JCL President and CEO Stu Silberman, who shared it with Community.

Dear Stu Silberman,
What a great time it is to be a member of my Louisville JCC. I have been a member since 1957. I believe this has been a great summer. I have seen Rent. John has a terrific play and a great cast.

I watched the excitement as the children get ready for camp. Julie has done a wonderful job with the JCC Camps.

We enjoy our weekend at the JCC pool. The splash pool is a nice addition. The swim team hosted the championships. Liz has the pools in great shape. Finest year I can remember no days lost to a broke pool. Ilean loves the water classes.

I enjoyed the annual JCC meeting and was so proud of our good friend Mr. Geller and Mrs. Kling. Stu, you and your staff have done a fine job this summer.

Thank you
Lewis Rowe/ Ilean Rowe

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