Learn to Move Easier in The J’s Lift & Stretch Program

Learn the optimal ways to perform compound lifts and the best ways to stretch it out afterwards in The J’s Lift & Stretch series that begins Tuesday, September 6, and meets weekly throughout September.

Trainer Ryan Perriman will instruct this fitness classes, teaching participants the correct ways to do compound lifts to sculpt the entire body.

Bend forward too much when you do a squat? Perriman will help you keep your knees over your ankles and excel in the lift.

Stretching after a lift is one of the most important aspects because you’re building new muscle, therefore you have to keep it limber.

“Everyone has some level of immobility in them. My job is to help mend that,” Perriman said.

The four-week class has a workshop feel to it. It will meet for one hour a week and will focus one compound lift each day.

“We’ll start with the squat on week one, then go into the bench press, dead lift and finish the month with the overhead press,” Perryman said.

The class is designed to focus on the best way for each person to complete the movement. Perriman will teach active stretching before the lift, and finish the session with more stretching geared to reduce potential of tightness.

“This class isn’t age specific and it’s not specific to strength athletes. Anyone can get in here and learn how to move with less pain and to move more healthfully,” Perriman said. “It’s like tools for your toolbox. You learn how to improve yourself.”

Lift & Stretch is limited to six participants. Don’t miss your chance to sign up. Classes meet Thursdays 6:30-7:30 p.m. The price for J members is $72. $90 for community members.

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