LBSY Celebrates 110th Anniversary with Business Forum Featuring Berman, Greenberg and Abramson

Louisville Beit Sefer Yachad, known for most of its existence as the Louisville Hebrew School, marked 110 years of continuous service to the community in providing Hebrew and Jewish education to children in three congregations (Adath Jeshurun, Keneseth Israel and Temple Shalom) by hosting The Kentucky Business Forum on Sunday, March 9, at 21c Museum Hotel.

The evening’s program featured three LBSY graduates who have gone on to highly successful careers: Dennis Berman, the Wall Street Journal’s business editor, and Craig Greenberg, president of 21c Museum Hotels, interviewed each other about their careers and Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson served as moderator.

LBSY President Craig Lustig welcomed everyone, recognized the event sponsors and introduced the lieutenant governor, highlighting some of Abramson’s many contributions to the city and the state, and Abramson introduced Berman and Greenberg.

Berman, who described his job as learning a little about everything around the world, manages a staff of 200 people across the globe. He talked about some of the changes he has seen in his years on the job, as the world becomes more and more computerized.

Already automated vehicles operate in mines. He expects the day will come when the vehicles on our roads will be automated, too, eliminating much driver error. In the medical field, doctors are using electronic records. Stock brokers, too, find much of the work is now electronic. Newspapers, too, are changing the way they do business. More and more information is available online and the Wall Street Journal’s competition is the world.

Berman also discussed some of the larger stories in recent years. With respect to the financial crisis, he feels, “the press pretty much got it right.” Business reporters picked up on the wave of debt going through the market and most of its weakness.

He touches on a number of other topics, as well.

Greenberg talked about his unsuccessful attempts to construct the Museum Plaza project as well as the development of the successful 21c Museum Hotel and its expansion into a chain of unique facilities in several cities. He stressed the importance of each hotel being unique and even touched on the experience of bringing the giant statue of David to Louisville.

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